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A Blog From a Proud Parent

Off to Parris Island

I normally utilize this venue to bring advice to HOA’s and other community associations.  Tonight, my Son came home from his first ROTC Camp.  He is an “inside boy” who loves the computer and XBox.  He is heavier than most of the 14 year-olds (yet taller) that are in his school.

He amazed me over the past 8 days, just to say the least.

It started out being just a “Summer Camp“; man it became more than that.  My Son came back a Man.

Not only did he overcome the fact the he was overweight, under-strength and had a lack of trust for fellow students; he overcame battles that not even he understood.  And, on top of it all, he won an award for the “Most Improved” cadet at the entire camp.

I am so thankful for sending my Son to this Camp.  And I am so thankful for a Man that I just met…Commander Santana.

Source:  Proud Mom.