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How To Increase Attendance or Participation in Home Owners Committees


  1.     Make sure you understand and committee chairs can convey the role of the commission members, and that the president and members are up to date job descriptions.
  2.     Ensure proper orientation describing the organization and its unique services, and how the committee contributes to this mission.
  3.     Remember that your organization and its committees deserve support and participation. Do not fall into the view that “we are lucky to get just anybody.” Establish a standard for the best.
  4.     They have rules that support the participation and assistance. Review the basic rules that each meeting and post them on the bottom of the agenda.
  5.     Leave the “dead wood.” They often help to reduce the number of committee members rather than increasing them.
  6.     Consider using subcommittees to increase individual responsibility and focus on goals.
  7.     Annual assessments of the committee, which includes a clear evaluation process and where each committee member evaluates the other members, and each member receives a written report on their strengths and how they can improve their contributions.
  8.     Attempt to provide individual assignments to committee members.
  9.     Have at least one staff member to participate in each committee to help with administrative support and provision of information.
  10.     Monitor the quorum requirements for the entire plate (as set usually in the bylaws), or the minimum number of board members must be present for the Board to officially adopt business. This quorum, if not met, will serve as a clear indicator or signal that the card is in trouble.
  11.     Develop an attendance policy committee that specifies the number of times a member may be absent in consecutive meetings in total meeting time.
  12.     Generate minutes for each committee meeting to reach a conclusion on the issues and help members to understand the progress made by the committee.
  13.     In the Committee‘s meeting report, including signals that is present and absent.
  14.     Consider the possibility of low attendance members involved in some other form of service to the organization, for example, “friends of the organization,” or something, attending special events rather than ongoing activities.
  15.     They have a “summit meeting” with members of the committee to discuss the problem of low attendance, and the use of a panel method so that each person should speak with their opinions.
  16.     Turn to new members each year.