What are Some Ideas of Social Activities Grow Community Spirit?

Just little things that can be organized on a budget that people might be interested in participating in… Any thoughts?


A few things you can do…

Games Night

Get some board games (Clue, Monopoly, cards, UNO, etc.) and pizza and soda (or not, your choice) and play games!  I’ve found that people  really like games more than you would ever realize.  Get some interaction games (like charades or taboo) that really get people talking to each other.

Scavenger Hunt (FAVORITE!)

Encourage them to make teams and join a HUGE scavenger hunt.  Scavenger hunts are a. free and b. lots of fun.  You can also use them to get the acquainted with the town or neighborhood better.  It doesn’t have to be a crazy big hunt, but those tend to be really wild and fun.

Movie Night

At my school, showing a movie in a dorm was considered a private viewing so we didn’t have to buy the rights. This is key because it means you can show a popular movie.  Eat popcorn or pizza, show a great movie, and maybe chat about it after.  Bonus points if your school has a projector and screen you can borrow to put it on a bigger screen than a TV.

Cookie Decoration

Get a ton of sugar cookies or gingerbread cookies and have vats of icing and candy for decoration.  You can get or make cookies really cheaply. Icing and decoaration stuff can be cheap too.  Then invite everyone to come decorate and eat cookies.  Again, the idea is that they’ll start to chat.

Group Dance Lessons – swing dancing is best

Dancing is social.  Swing dancing is fun and easy to teach.  You can usually get a fairly inexpensive group rate if you are near the college.

Pot Luck dinner

If they do have the ability to cook – hold a pot luck dinner.  One, the cost is all on the homeowners to bring the food.  Two, dinner is always social.

Go trick or treating.

Find an area that is good for trick or treating, get them to dress up kind of early in the evening (before the big parties) and go trick or treating.  One: free.  Two: candy.  Three: walking around and being social.

Have a craft night!

Do some crafts while watching a movie or chatting.  Better yet, do crafts to donate (like making Christmas ornaments for kids in the hospital or scarves for the poor or something).  Get some fun, cheap craft supplies and let people go wild.  Encourage them to bring other stuff like knitting to do while they chat or watch a movie.

OH, and Movie Night!!

If the weather permits, set up an outdoor movie theater and show some fun film!  You can have people bring blankets or low chairs, make popcorn, have candy available.

Foods of the World.

Or, have a “Foods of the World” night, with different foods in each neighbor’s home.  Mexican, Chinese, Italian, etc.


A bonfire is always fun, if you can do it.  Don’t forget the s’mores!

That’s all I have for now.

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