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A Home Owners Association that has accurate and reliable information is extremely important for your community. Prospective buyers, realtors and title companies need to know who to contact to provide closing documents. Members of the HOA need to know who to contact for general information, the application of architectural standards and money matters.

Providing online information provides for 24 / 7 self-help and reduces the time requirements for both the board and management. Providing contact information conveys the openness and responsiveness of the association Board. Try these steps to ensure that your contact information is useful to your community:

1. Provide board member contact information, as long as the person approves the release of this information. If you do not have a phone number with voice mail and HOA email address create an email such as info@myhoa.com  for your Owners Association.

2. If you have committees, describe the duties of each committee and the names of those who serve.

3. Post a calendar that includes due dates, annual meetings and the committee meetings, as well as social events and pending repairs (painting, roofing, etc.).

4. Add photos of members of the board.

5. Provide the greatest amount of self-help and information possible, such as newsletters, governing documents, the approved budget, the reserve study and rules/regulations.

6. Update contact information when a change occurs. While the organization and updating of this information takes some time, in the long run, it will save you time and time is money.

With over 40 years of combined industry experience, the Executive Staff of Riverside Property Management  knows that the most successful communities are those where there is a sense of unity and pride among the membership; this unity and pride begins with a firm foundation comprised of:

Well defined policies and objectives
A strategic plan and future vision
A proactive Management team
Mutual team trust and respect
Timely and open communication
Excellent customer service
Industry knowledge
“Out of the Box” Thinking
Services designed to meet your needs

Give us fifteen minutes of your time and we can show you how to put your community on a fast track to success; if you don’t believe us, feel free to call upon any one of our satisfied clients.

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