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Crime Prevention
“The primary object of an efficient Police(service) is the prevention of crime”
Sir Richard Mayne, 1829

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Crime Prevention is of the highest priority with the Cobb County Police Department. It is our goal to provide our citizens the best possible service available and through our Crime Prevention Unit we are committed to reaching that goal. We believe by actively promoting citizens participation we can reduce crime in our county.

The Crime Prevention Unit through our community education program offers various programs to meet the needs of our ever-changing and growing county. Assigned personnel conduct seminars and training on crime prevention methods, visit schools to lecture on various topics, distribute crime prevention material, coordinate our Neighborhood Watch Program, and assist specialized units when crime prevention needs arise.

We are here to serve the citizens of Cobb County and believe by working together we can reduce crime.

What you and your neighbors can do

Entering Autos-

The primary cause for the rate of Entering Autos is individuals leaving valuables in their unlocked vehicles. Preventing items being stolen from your vehicles requires 2 things; taking everything of value out of your vehicle and lock it. Leaving valuables in clear view in a locked car will most likely result in a broken window. Please do not leave firearms inside vehicles. Laptop computers are in high demand and very valuable on the black market. Other highly sought items include IPODs, Satellite Radios, GPS Navigation systems, purses and wallets. Leaving them in your car will subject them to theft

Thefts at fitness centers-

If you must take your valuables such as purses, wallets or laptops with you, secure them in your trunk prior to arriving at your final destination. Doing so after you arrive, only announcing to everyone what you are doing.

The other theft problem at fitness centers involves thefts from lockers while the victim is working out. Sometimes the lockers are left unlocked but another tactic used by the perpetrator is to remove the victim’s lock, take items from their locker and then replace the lock with a different one. This tactic buys them time to use stolen credit cards before the victim can discover that they have been taken.

The only real solution to the above incidents would be to not even take valuables to the fitness centers.

To start a neighborhood watch, please take the following steps:

Download the Citizens Awareness Program brochure from this Web site.
Get at least 50% of the homeowners or apartment residents to sign the Neighborhood Watch Petition, which is included in the above mentioned brochure. (The petition needs to include the name, address and phone number for each petitioner).
Fax the completed petition to 770-852-3290 to the attention of the Crime Prevention Unit; or
Mail the completed petition to 1220 Al Bishop Dr. Marietta, GA 30008 (Attn: Crime Prevention)
Call or e-mail Officer M.W. Bowman or Officer C. J. Mabe to schedule your startup meeting. *Preferred meeting times are Tuesday or Thursday nights at 7 p.m.

Officer M.W. Bowman – 770 499-4134 – E-Mail

Officer C. J. Mabe – 770-499-3909 – E-Mail
Contact Information Monday – Friday 8am – 4pm

If you are interested in scheduling a Crime Prevention Presentation please contact either Officer Bowman or Mabe.

Education Courses We Offer
(Brochure’s Require Acrobat Reader or Equivalent to View)
(Most Brochure’s are in excess of 1MB and may take a several minutes to download)

The following courses are offered without charge to Cobb County residents.

PERSONAL SAFETY – subtitled “How to avoid becoming a victim”. This course describes simple, yet effective methods to ensure one’s safety in the home, office, car, or “out and about”. This course is appropriate for all above sixteen years of age. This is a one hour course.
“Apartment Safety” Brochure – Download Here
“What Is Suspicious” Brochure – Download Here
“Carjacking Prevention” Brochure – Download Here
SENIOR SAFETY – This is a variation of the personal safety class with an emphasis upon crimes specifically perpetrated against the elderly. This class is 45 minutes in duration and is appropriate for all senior citizens.
“Senior Citizen Safety” Brochure – Download Here
NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH PROGRAM – Our goal is to educate members of a community about crime, criminal patterns, and what to do if you are a victim, or a witness to a crime. The neighborhood is then organized into a system of observers trained in “watch” procedures. This program lasts approximately 1 hour and begins a continuing liaison with the Crime Prevention Unit. Neighborhoods will need to have at least 50% of homes participating to establish the Watch Program.
“Citizen Awareness Program” Brochure – Download Here
Citizen Awareness Program “Guidelines for Block Captains” – Download Here

BUSINESS WATCH – This program is an adaptation of the Neighborhood Watch Program designed for stores in shopping malls and complexes. The Crime Prevention Unit helps the mall management train the tenants of the mall. This program was recently launched by the Cobb County Police Department’s Crime Prevention unit. The program is aimed at training business owners, managers, and employees in recognizing and reporting suspicious or criminal activity.

Cobb County businesses are encouraged to sign up for the Business Watch program and become linked with others in the business community who share information regarding potential threats to their business, employees, or customers. Business Watch Video
BUSINESS ASSESSMENT – A Crime Prevention Officer will inspect your business and assess your risk of burglary, patron safety and employee safety. There are many suggestions and considerations we can make which may increase the safety of your business.
BUSINESS ASSESMENT – A Crime Prevention Officer will inspect your business and assess your risk of burglary, patron safety and employee safety. There are many suggestions and considerations we can make which may increase the safety of your business.
BICYCLE SAFETY – Coordinated by the Crime Prevention Unit and taught by our Ranger Unit – children will learn the laws involved with safe riding and instructions will be offered to parents about organizing a “Bicycle Rodeo”.
“OFFICER FRIENDLY CONTACTS” – Coordinated by the Crime Prevention Unit. These programs are designed for children and teens. For many young children, it may be their first introduction to an uniformed police officer. They are taught about the 9-1-1 system, the police officer’s equipment, firearm safety, seatbelt use and other topics. The program lasts 20 to 30 minutes. This course is appropriate for children five years of age and above and is taught at schools, churches, scout meetings, etc. Additionally, officers may be asked to present programs to teens in Middle and High School. (Topics should be discussed with the Crime Prevention Unit prior to scheduling).

Please be aware that many of these programs are coordinated with actual beat officers and are subject to availability.

The Crime Prevention Unit is ready to assist you. Please call 6-8 weeks ahead to avoid scheduling conflicts. For information on any program contact the Cobb County Police Department Crime Prevention Unit at (770) 499-3909 or (770) 499-4134.
Crime Prevention
Citizen Program Feedback

Please use the online form link below to tell us the strengths/weaknesses of the presentation and provide us with feedback that will allow our department to better serve you and the citizens of Cobb County.

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